Season One: Des Moines

Hello!  The PAYCE program proudly offers season one of PAYCE Stories.  You can hear real stories of young adults who stepped up to lead their city in civic and political engagement.  How do they inspire?  What does it mean to be a success?  Why do they do this important work?

The storytellers are PAYCE Fellows in residence at Drake University in January 2018.  Each pair of students (one Palestinian, one U.S.) completed an interview.  Each fellow created a story.  The series episodes reveal how young adults create positive change through the eyes of both individual profiled and the storyteller Fellow.  Enjoy!

Season One:

101: Dear future generations by Afnan Abbasi (Al-Quds Bard)

102: The kids are all right, right? by Juli Dajci (University of Hartford)

103: Farms, feminism & organizing by Majd Aburrub (Al Quds-Bard)

104: Phenomenal woman by Alexis Jones (Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University)

105: Making local change by Genesis Buckhalton (Drake University)

106: PB&J (Pheobe and Justice) by Meredith Howe (University of New Hampshire)

107: Our city needs to have important conversations by Ala’ Hamamreh (Al-Quds American Studies)

108: Organizing & empowerment by Taylor Zitkus (University of Hartford)

109: Your vote is not a chocolate by Rana Rishmowi (Al-Quds American Studies)

110: The change you want to see by Fatima Hashem (An-Najah National University)

111: Don’t wait your turn by Hala Jaffal (Al Quds-American Studies)

112: Finding your way in politics by Justen Norcott (University of New Hampshire-Manchester)

114: Demand your rights by Jeffrey Simmons (Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University)

115: I could add value, by Kelane Crosswait (Drake University)

116: Who was the first woman president? by Reeda Alji (Al-Quds Bard)