Episode #107: Our city needs to have important conversations

How does racism shape the realities of public education in the United States?  PAYCE Fellow Ala’ Hamamreh (Al-Quds American Studies) talks to Des Moines Public School Board member Dionna Langford about her efforts to address race and class inequalities in her district.  They talk frankly about the problem of white progressives needing to examine their own racism for the District to serve all children.

Episode #106: PB & J (Phoebe and Justice)

Sitting down with Phoebe Clark, PAYCE Fellow Meredith Howe (University of New Hampshire) spoke to her about activism in her life. Clark, a senior at Drake University, spoke about the time she and friends disrupted a Republican event, her views on “diversity of tactics,” labels, and how she began to look positively at activism after disillusionment.

Songs credits:
Greg Atkinson “Crick’s Unnecessary Children,” Parvus Decree “Into Oblivion (Partially
Recomposed),” Broke for Free “Night Owl,” Transpanda “Thunder Panda,” Lonely Punk “Easter
Island” – all music from FreeMusicArchive.org